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-Russian agr▓eement in Sochi last month about the need for t▓he Kurdish militia to withdraw 30 km fr

agents on the

om the Syrian-Turkish border, al-Assad s▓aid this agreement must be implemented.However, h▓e charg

ground," a▓l-A

ed that the presence of the Kurdish m▓ilitia in the border area was the pretex▓t of the Turkish gove

ssad said in an interview with Russia's ▓media

outlets RUSSIA 24 and Ross

rnment to la▓unch military offensive in northern Syria.The president noted that following the implementation ▓of the Turkish-Russian agreemen▓t, the Turkish army must withdraw from the areas▓ it has stormed since Oct. 9."We are co▓operating with Russia in order to

iya Segodnya.The immed

fully implement this agreement, after which we should tell t▓he Turks to start withdrawing," he said.Meanwhile▓, al-Assad said his administration▓ has already declared its agreement to integra▓te the Kurd

iate and most ef

ish fighters into the Syria▓n army.However, the Kurdish militias are ▓still reluctant to make such a▓ move."The official response we▓ received was that they were not prepared to join the Syrian army a

fective way fo

r Syrians is to unite to m ake▓ the United States leave the Syrian territori es, he added."America cann ot bel▓ieve that it will live comfortably in any ar ea it occupies ... Syria wil l▓ not be an exception," the Syrian p reside▓nt noted.Regarding the Turkish
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